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[[Category:Docs Project]]
[[Category:Docs Project]]
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[[Category:Draft documentation]]
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[[Category:Documentation beats]]
==[ Python Upgrade to 3.5]==
* Python 3.5 will be the default Python environment. This is an upgrade from 3.4 which was included in Fedora 23.
* New Syntax Features
* New library modules like typing and zipapp
* New built in features like memoryview that supports tuple indexing
* CPython improvements
* Standard library improvements
* Security Updates - Improvements
* Improvements in Windows, such as: a new Windows installer and Windows builds use Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0
This information was found at For more information
please visit [ the Python 3.5 upstream notes page]
==[ Mono 4.2.1]==
The version of Mono in Fedora 24 is 4.2.1, noteable changes are:
* More integration of Microsoft Open Source Code
* PPDB Debugging support
* New Implementation of threadpool
* Bugfixes, and runtime optimizations
This information and additional details were found at: [ the Mono upstream notes page]
==[ Ruby 2.3]==
Ruby will be upgraded to 2.3 in Fedora 24.
* A safe navigation operator also known as a lonely operator
* The did_you_mean gem is bundled in Ruby 2.3
* RubyVM::InstructionSequence#to_binary and .load_from_binary are introduced as experimental features
* Multiple performance enhancements
This information was mostly directly taken from [ the Ruby 2.3 upstream notes page]. Please visit the
[ the Ruby 2.3 upstream notes page] for more detailed information.

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