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= Perl =
== Perl updated to 5.16 ==
Perl 5.16 introduces a number of significant changes:
=== New Features ===
* Unicode 6.1
* More consistent ''eval'' controlled with ''unicode_eval'' and ''evalbytes'' feature
* 2- and 3-argument ''substr'' called in left-value context is evaluted even after changing original string
* New ''T_*REF_REFCOUNT_FIXED'' XS typemap fixing reference counter decremetion
* New ''is_utf8_char_buf'' XS-callable function replaces broken ''is_utf8_char'' function
* ''$$'' variable is writable
* Improved debugger: tracing mode can be restricted to certain level, breakpoints can be disabled temporarily, breakpoints can be set by file name
* ''sort'' subroutines can be autoloaded
* ''$['' variable is provided by ''arybase'' module
* mmaped PerlIO layer is now a separate module ''PerlIO::mmap''
=== Deprecated Features ===
* Accessing Unicode database files directly is deprecated now; use ''Unicode::UCD'' instead
* ''Version::Requirements'' is deprecated in favor of ''CPAN::Meta::Requirements''
=== Incompatible Changes ===
* Special blocks (e.g. ''BEGIN'') are called in void context
* Unoverloaded stringification of regular expression does not return the expression literal
* ''T_DATAUNIT'' and ''T_CALLBACK'' XS typemaps removed
* User defined case-changing has been removed in favor of ''Unicode::Casing''
* XSUB C functions are static now and they are not exported from their object files
* Read-only references cannot be weaken
* ''$$'',  ''$<'', ''$>'', ''$('', and ''$)'' do not cache their value
* ''Devel::DProf'', ''Shell'' have been removed from Perl core
* perl4 libraries removed:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lib/find{,depth}.pl,,,,,,,,,,
== PCRE Libraries updated to 8.30 ==
Fedora 18 will provide PCRE ( Perl-Compatible Regular Expression ) libraries of version 8.30 or newer. This brings UTF-16 support and API changes, which are documented by the changelog and NEWS provided in /usr/share/doc/pcre*
= Python updated to 3.3 =
The system Python 3 stack has been upgraded to 3.3 (the system Python 2 stack remains at 2.7), bringing in hundreds of fixes and tweaks; for a list of changes see
= Ruby on Rails framework updated =
Fedora 18 will provide Ruby on Rails 3.2, the latest version of the Ruby on Rails framework. Developers are able to use the latest Ruby on Rails features, which are documented in the project's release notes:
= Clojure joined by leiningen and tools =
Fedora 18 now ships a more complete Clojure programming stack, including the build tool Leiningen. This will make it easier to package other Clojure libraries in the future.
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