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== Perl 5.24 ==
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Perl 5.24

  • New features:
    • Unicode 8.0 is now supported.
    • An exception will be raised when closing an in-place output file fails.
    • (?[ ]) will successfully compile when use locale is in effect.
    • Integer shift (<< and >>) now more explicitly defined. Negative shifts are reverse shifts.
    • printf and sprintf now allow reordered precision arguments.
    • When passing the SA_SIGINFO flag to sigaction, the errno, status, uid, pid, addr and band fields are included in the hash passed to the handler, if supported by the platform.
    • Hashbang redirection was extended also to Perl 6.
  • Changes:
    • Postfix dereferencing is no longer experimental.
    • Remove duplicate environment variables from environ.
    • More regular expression patterns are now checked for validity at compilation time, and invalid ones will cause the program to not compile.
    • Using \N{} is a fatal error under experimental feature "'strict' mode" in re.
    • A my, our, or state declaration is no longer allowed inside of another my, our, or state declaration.
    • The /\C/ character class has been removed.
    • Using chdir(\'\') or chdir(undef) to change working directory to a home directory fails now. Use chdir() instead.
    • ASCII characters in variable names must now be all visible.
    • $Carp::MaxArgNums is supposed to be the number of arguments to display.
    • Only blanks and tabs are now allowed within [...] within (?[...]).
    • Matching fixed string regular expression is now faster in most cases.
  • Removed features:
    • The autoderef feature has been removed.
    • Lexical $_ has been removed.
    • no longer get installed, as they are not used by
    • Using code points above the platform's IV_MAX is now deprecated.
    • Bitwise operations on strings containing code points above 0xFF is deprecated. Instead, encode these strings to byte strings first.
    • sysread(), syswrite(), recv() and send() are deprecated on :utf8 handles.