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Fedora 17 provides a great D programming environment, the only think to do it is to develop your application / library.
* A compiler named '''ldc'''
* Standard library '''phobos''' to version 2.058
* A great library for create 3D application with '''delerelict'''
* An awesome wrapper to GTK, create a GUI has never been easier with '''gtkd'''
* A tool for minimalize your code to help you to find the problem '''dustmite'''
This package provide more often '''geany''' tags for enhance '''geany''' (IDE) experience and  '''devhelp''' book.
Though derelict you can build an '''OpenGL''' application in the same way you does with C and C++. then '''OpenGL''' documentation  in C or C++ could be to use too for learn /create a 3D tool in D.
Have fun, use '''D''' language
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