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Fedora has traditionally contained a rich set of development tools.  The following are highlights of the many improvements to the development tools included in this release of Fedora.
==== gcc ====
Fedora 17 includes version 4.7.0 of '''gcc''', '''gcc-c++''', '''gcc-gfortran''', '''gcc-objc''', and '''gcc-gnat'''. The update includes  numerous changes to the gcc series of compilers, not only C and C++, but also to Ada and Fortran.  For complete details, refer to the GCC 4.7 Release Series Changes at
Some highlights:
* Several obsoleted architectures including IRIX 6.5, MIPS OpenBSD, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX 5.1 and a number of legacy ARM platforms
* Support for OpenMP 3.1 on C, C++ and Fortran
* More support for the C11 and C++11 standards updates
* New debug flexibility for Ada
* A number of performance improvements in Fortran
* Many optimizer enhancements
* New platforms:
** ARM Cortex A7
** Texas Instruments C6X
** National Semiconductor's CR16
** Tilera TILE-Gx and TILEPro families
* In addition, there are platform-specific improvements in ARM, AVR, IA-32/x86-64, MIPS, PowerPC/PowerPC64, SH and SPARC.
==== gdb ====
Fedora 17 now includes '''gdb'''  To review the many new features please visit
==== doxygen ====
In addition to numerous bugfixes, '''doxygen''' includes:
* The selected member is now briefly highlighted in the HTML output (when GENERATE_TREEVIEW is enabled).
* The navigation tree (GENERATE_TREEVIEW) now shows the same information as the index.
* The navindex section of layout now also controls what is shown in the navigation tree.
* When a class/structs has many (>15) members of the same type, only the first 10 are shown in the UML diagram.
* Made the output of the javascript based search engine more compact.
* Update of the French translation.
* Added support for PHP heredoc and nowdoc constructs.
* Added support for cross-referencing in case of operator-> overloading. This includes support for std::auto_ptr,std::smart_ptr,std::unique_ptr and std::weak_ptr when BUILTIN_STL_SUPPORT is enabled.
Project site:
==== emacs ====
GNU Emacs is updated to the latest prerelease from upstream, 24.0.93
==== git ====
'''git''' has been updated to 1.7.9.  Fedora 16 included 1.7.7.
There are numerous small feature additions.  The interested reader should review the
[  changes since 1.7.8] and [  changes since 1.7.7] in the upstream release notes.
==== rcs ====
The venerable revision control system ('''rcs''') has been updated to 5.8.
Updates include:
* License now GPLv3+
* Change in terminology: from "path" to "file name" (or "file-name")
* Changes to the RCS package
** New documentation in Info format
** Dropped configure option: --with-diffutils
** Configuration more strict in some ways, more lax in others.
** New configure option: --enable-suid[=setreuid]
** New configure option: --disable-mmap
** New configure option: --enable-mailer=PROG
** New configure option: --enable-compat2
** You can "make check" prior to "make install".
* Bug fixes
** Remove all edit info when removing all revisions.
** Code no longer uses mktemp.
** Misc manpage tweaks / fixes.
* Other changes
** All commands accept ‘--help’ and ‘--version’.
** A string of all digits is now valid for author, state.
** Env var RCS_MEM_LIMIT controls stdio threshold.
** RCS can now work with files larger than 2 gigabytes.
** Pass-through for RCS file ‘commitid SYMBOL’ now builtin.
** RCS file top-level grammar frozen.
** RCS file syntax-validated earlier, completely.
** Possible to specify an empty log message with ci -m, rcs -m.
** Date option accepts some more date-only formats
* Changes to rcsdiff
** New handling for option: -U N
** Refined "same-revision don't call diff" optimization
==== subversion ====
The version control system '''subversion''' has been updated from 1.6.17 to 1.7.3.  Numerous changes include better use of HTTP, a new remote dumpfile tool, and improved console output, in addition to numerous minor changes.  The reader is encouraged to visit for more information on these improvements.
==== bugzilla ====
'''bugzilla''' 4.0.4 fixes a number of security issues with previous versions.  In addition, the new release permits system administrators to disable autocomplete and corrects a number of minor bugs.  Refer to for details.
==== bzr ====
Although basically a bugfix release, 2.5 of '''bzr''' represents a new stable version from which future bugfixes will be applied.
==== highlight ====
Fedora 17 includes '''highlight''' 3.7.  Improvements over version 3.6 include:
* support for Biferno
* support for RPL
* support for Ceylon
* fixed Ruby definition
* HTML font string may contain a list of fonts, which is not enclosed in quotes
* added --portable command line option to save config files in the current  working directory instead of the user directory
==== mercurial ====
'''mercurial''' has been upgraded to 2.1.  The interested reader should visit for a detailed list of new features and bugfixes.
==== monodevelop ====
'''monodevelop''' 2.8.5 is included in Fedora 17.  Among the numerous new features:
* Project Management
** New Edit References dialog
** Improved Class and Document Outline pads
* Source Editing
** New editor for syntax hilighting color schemes
** New default syntax hilighting color scheme
* Several fixes and enhancements to the Version Control support and to SVN support in particular adding a project which contains linked files to version control is now handled correctly
Visit the project we site at for further details.
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