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Python Upgrade to 3.5

  • Python 3.5 will be the default Python environment. This is an upgrade from 3.4 which was included in Fedora 23.
  • New Syntax Features
  • New library modules like typing and zipapp
  • New built in features like memoryview that supports tuple indexing
  • CPython improvements
  • Standard library improvements
  • Security Updates - Improvements
  • Improvements in Windows, such as: a new Windows installer and Windows builds use Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0

Mono 4.2.1

The version of Mono in Fedora 24 is 4.2.1, noteable changes are:

  • More integration of Microsoft Open Source Code
  • PPDB Debugging support
  • New Implementation of threadpool
  • Bugfixes, and runtime optimizations

Ruby 2.3

Ruby will be upgraded to 2.3 in Fedora 24.

  • A safe navigation operator also known as a lonely operator
  • The did_you_mean gem is bundled in Ruby 2.3
  • RubyVM::InstructionSequence#to_binary and .load_from_binary are introduced as experimental features
  • Multiple performance enhancements

This information was mostly directly taken from the Ruby 2.3 upstream notes page. Please visit the the Ruby 2.3 upstream notes page for more detailed information.

Suds Jurko Fork

  • Changes the python-suds package to use the fork maintained by Jurko Gospodnetic. This change brings a more modern Suds to Fedora, including Python 3 support and various bug fixes.