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== Embedded Development ==
There are a number of improvements to '''gcc''' that affect the AVR processor.  See the GCC section of this document for further information.
'''gpsim''' has been updated to 0.25.  In addition to many bugfixes, new features include:
* src/ and modules/ license change to LGPLv2+
* ECCP implemented
* video module resurrected
* Added back HLL source browser support
* DS1307 realtime clock extra added
* extras compiled and loaded as part of gpsim
Support has been added for:
* PIC16F882
* PIC16F883
* PIC16F884
* PIC16F886
* PIC16F887
'''piklab''' includes a number of new features including:
* New processor support
** 18F14K22
** 18F13K22
** 33FJ06GSxxx
** 33FJ128MC802
* Improvements to ICD2 including support for additional targets
* New log and replay features
* Direct programming support for 16F88x family
For complete details including the list of many bug fixes, refer to the changelog at
'''** There are no significant changes to this beat for Fedora 19 **'''
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