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==== avarice ====
'''avarice''' has been updated from 2.10 to 2.12. The update includes:
* New devices:
** ATxmega256A3
** ATxmega16D4
** ATtiny4313
* Implement PDI debugging (JTAGICEmkII / Xmega).
* Bugfixes
For additional detaile refer to the project's site:
==== avr-gcc ====
Continuing to follow the development of '''gcc''', '''avr-gcc''' and '''avr-gcc-c++''' have been updated to version 4.6.2.
==== avrdude ====
Fedora 17 includes version 5.11.1 of ''' avrdude'''.
* New devices supported:
** ATmega88P/168P
** ATmega8U2/16U2/32U2
** ATtiny4313
* New programmers supported:
** TPI programming through bitbang programmers (both, serial and parallel ones)
** FT2232 (and relatives) based programmers (MPSSE bitbang mode)
** Wiring environment (
** butterfly-style bootloader of the device
* Bugfixes
'''** There are no significant changes to this beat for Fedora 19 **'''
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** There are no significant changes to this beat for Fedora 19 **