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==== Embedded Development ====
Fedora 10 includes a range of packages to support development of embedded applications on various targets.  There is broad support for the AVR and related parts as well as for the Microchip PIC.  In addition, there are packages to support development on older, less popular parts such as the Z80, 8051, and others.
===== avr-binutils =====
This release includes version 2.18 of avr-binutils.  In addition to a large number of bugfixes, this release includes a new tool, windmc, to provide a Windows-compatible message compiler.  Details of these changes can be found at
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===== dfu-programmer =====
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Version 0.4.6 of dfu-programmer is included in Fedora 10.  4k bootloaders are now supported and eeprom-flash and eeprom-dump are now supported.  Release information as well as a forum specific to this version can be found at
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===== gputils =====
gputils has been updated to version 0.13.6 which includes support for many more PIC18 processors as well as support for Microchip's new COFF file format.  Find details at
===== piklab =====
Fedora 10 includes version 3.5.10 of the popular IDE piklab.  This version now supports the Microchip ICD2 and PICkit in-circuit debuggers, as well as a number of other improvements.  Piklab now supports the following toolchains; gputils, C30 and C18, PICC, JAL, BoostC, CCS, MPC and CC5X. Many of the toolchains use Windows executables via Wine.  See for complete details.
===== sdcc =====
Version 2.8.0 of the Small Device C Compiler is included in Fedora 10.  This version offers a number of improvements to the version in Fedora 9.  Some of these changes will result in changes to source code, so users should review the SDCC manual carefully for their target.  In addition, due to some conflicts, all the executable names have been prefixed with '''sdcc-''', which will require changes to makefiles.  See the SDCC page at for complete details.

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