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Input Methods

  • ibus-kkc (Kana-Kanji Conversion) is a new Japanese input method engine using the new libkkc backend, which replaces ibus-anthy.
  • ibus
    • default keybinding to turn Input Method on/off has been changed to [Super]+[space].
    • IME switcher dialog is implemented on GNOME Desktop.
    • "Use system keyboard" option on ibus-setup is available for non GNOME desktops.
    • "Embed preedit text in application window" option on ibus-setup is available for non GNOME desktop.
  • ibus-libpinyin (intelligent pinyin engine using libpinyin) now supports configuring enabled dictionaries and importing 3rd party dictionaries in setup dialog.
  • ibus-typing-booster now makes better use of hunspell when making suggestions and supports Tab completions.
  • imsettings now checks the gsettings key to determine if imsettings should manage input methods on GNOME and Cinnamon Desktops. If you do not want to use IBus integration for them, set the key to false.


  • fonts-tweak-tool now has support for embedded bitmaps, font substitution configuration, and OpenType Feature Tags.
  • Lohit fonts has following improvement
    • Dropped reserved font name from OLF license.
    • lohit-devanagari-fonts has corrected "श्री" syllable with mr_IN locale.
    • lohit-gujarati-fonts has fixed shape of character "Dha" U+0AA7.
    • lohit-kannada-fonts has fix for vowel signs syllables and NGA and NYA glyphs attachment with vowel signs.
    • lohit-malayalam-fonts now supports Dot Reph (u0D4E), works well with harfbuzz-ng.
    • lohit-tamil-fonts has modified zero to five numerals, Rupee sign (u0BF9) and correct rendering of Tamil Letter RA,RI,RII as per GoTN standards.
    • lohit-telugu-fonts now connect NYU ఞ + ు and NYUU ఞ + ూ combination properly.
  • New font family Shofar with culmus-fonts.


  • A translation tool called tw has been added.