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Beat Closed on Wiki
Work on beats has now moved to git at If you have changes or additions, please contact the docs team via #fedora-docs,, or with the release-notes BZ component.

Input Methods

  • In ibus-libpinyin, press "Ctrl-Shift-d" to remove the remembered user phrase; and in double pinyin mode, press "I" to use lua script extension.
  • XKB option i.e. 3rd level chooser key is not available in control-center-3.22.0-1.fc25 Keyboard panel, one needs to use 'gnome-tweak-tool' to enable 3rd level chooser key

New Packages


  • adobe-source-serif-pro-fonts : Source Serif Pro is a set of OpenType fonts to complement the Source Sans Pro family.
  • oflb-coval-fonts : Derivation of other free of charge fonts
  • astigmatic-grand-hotel-fonts - Script retro style fonts
  • typetype-molot-fonts - Display sans-serif fonts


  • sharpfont : Cross-platform FreeType bindings for .NET
  • libXfont2 - X11 font support library
  • nodejs-os-locale : To get the system locale
  • nodejs-y18n : The bare-bones internationalization library used by yargs