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FIXME: summarize Features/GnomeInputIntegration

eekboard on-screen keyboard can now be activated through IBus, in addition to desktop accessibility.

ibus-gucharmap provides new Unicode input method, which supports in-place character-map view, character search based on Unicode names, and easy navigation with various keyboard shortcuts.

  • ITB has Tamil support added.


Fedora now includes font for Nastaleeq script, one of the main script styles used in writing the Perso-Arabic script, and traditionally the predominant style in Persian calligraphy.

Improved Arabic script support for Urdu language by adding following new font packages.

  • nafees-naskh-fonts
  • nafees-nastaleeq-fonts
  • nafees-tehreer-naskh-fonts
  • nafees-riqa-fonts
  • nafees-pakistani-naskh-fonts

Anaconda now uses wqy-microhei-fonts for Chinese when installing, to improve font displays for Simplified Chinese locale.