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  • IBus has a new input method switcher with a popup listing available input methods engines, somewhat like Alt-Tab in managers. IBus also now has better and cleaner handling of X keyboard layouts.
  • ibus-m17n now excludes some m17n engines by default, including zh-pinyin, ko-han2, and most kbd engines, because they overlap with other specific IMEs such as ibus-pinyin and ibus-hangul.
  • ibus-fep is a new IBus frontend client which can be used in consoles and terminals.
  • Indic Typing Booster now supports Bengali, and there are beta versions for Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil languages available.

Asian Fonts

  • The default Korean Font has changed from "Un" to "Nanum". As the glyphs in "Nanum" look nicer than "Un" and "Nanum" has a monospace variant.
  • The default Simplified Chinese Font has changed from "WenQuanYi Zen Hei" to "WenQuanYi Zen Hei Sharp", which uses the embedded bitmap font to make Simplified Chinese render more clearly at small sizes. One can use the zenheiset tool to change the default Simplified Chinese font back to the previous default.
  • Lohit fonts are now under SIL OFL license.
  • New font packages gubbi-fonts and navilu-fonts have been added for Kannada language.
  • Culmus fonts have been update to version 0.121 with fully reworked Frank Ruehl family, which now supports diacritics and kerning.