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The contents of this beat have been sent for translation for the GA version of the Release Notes. Any additional changes to this beat will not appear until after the release of Fedora 12. If you have zero-day changes, be sure to post a bug.

Installation Notes

To learn how to install Fedora, refer to either the Fedora Installation Quick Start Guide available from or the Fedora Installation Guide available from
If you encounter a problem or have a question during installation that is not covered in these release notes, refer to and

Anaconda is the name of the Fedora installer. This section outlines issues related to Anaconda and installing Fedora 25.

Ext4 for boot partitions

Although ext4 was the default file system in Fedora 11, the version of the GRUB bootloader included with Fedora 11 could not read ext4 partitions. Fedora 11 therefore required a separate ext3 boot partition. The version of GRUB included in Fedora 12 now supports ext4, so anaconda now allows you to place /boot on an ext4 partition.