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===Bonding and Bridging===
===Bonding and Bridging===

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Bonding and Bridging

NetworkManager now supports expanded bonding and functionality and cooperates better with existing bonding or bridging tools and configurations. This allows greater interoperability with virtualization solutions like libvirt.

Note: Managed devices will not appear in configuration applets unless the applet supports these device types.

Example configurations are available at and .

NetworkManger on the command line

Command line tool nmcli in Fedora 20 gains the ability to adding and editing network connections.

Bluetooth stack updated to BlueZ 5

Fedora 20 includes the latest version of the BlueZ bluetooth management software. The 5.0 release includes numerous backend improvements, adds support for Low Energy profiles, and features the command line tool bluetoothctl.

For detailed information on the changes in this release, consult the upstream release notes at .