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NetworkManager with system wide connections and enhanced support for Mobile Broadband

NetworkManager can now create and edit system-wide network connections in /etc/sysconfig. NetworkManager has been able to read information about system-wide network connections from /etc/sysconfig for a while. Now we have enabled full read-write support for system connections. The ability to create or modify new system connections will be controlled by PolicyKit policies. Initially, only wired/wireless connections will be supported. Later on, vpn connections will follow. For connections that require secrets, those will be stored in .keys files in /etc/sysconfig.

By providing a database of preconfigured mobile broadband providers, supporting more hardware and permit to scan GSM networks, NetworkManager makes the use of mobile broadband much easier. Your broadband provider will be automatically recognized by NetworkManager and it will make it easy to just plug it your USB device and get you online within minutes.

Bluetooth Service On Demand

In order to support bluetooth devices, bluetooth background service was started by default in previous versions of Fedora. In this release, bluetooth service is started on demand when needed and automatically stops 30 seconds after last device use instead reducing initial startup time and resources.