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Package Changes

This list is automatically generated
This list is automatically generated. It is not a good choice for translation.

21-Jun-2007 - This content is not to be generated for the XML output for translation. It doesn't look like anyone has updated the referenced page or run the script at all for F-7. If this is still needed at all, we should trim this page, include a link to the updates list on the wiki only (no listing in the relnotes themselves), and include the resulting stub in release notes for F-8. -- PWF.

This list was made using the <code>treediff</code> utility, ran as <code>treediff newtree oldtree</code> against the rawhide tree of 28 Feb. 2006.

For a list of which packages were updated since the previous release, refer to You can also find a comparison of major packages between all Fedora versions at

Insert treediff list here.