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(CUPS 1.4 was in F11 -- not new in F12)
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== Printing ==
This wiki  contains information related to the  Cups and System-config-printing  provided with Fedora.
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The version of cups provided with Fedora is cups-1.4 and following are the features in general,  Though there are about number of changes <br>
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*The Administration Page provides more Advanced Operations like choice of Protocols (CUPS, LDAP) for sharing, Maximum number of
simultaneous clients , Shows Job Completed jobs
* CUPS now uses "Bonjour (DNS-SD)" providing mDNS(multicast DNS) which supports Bonjour-based printer discovery
*Scheduler now adds "authenticated" policy, So that certain IPP operations can be authenticated.On Fedora-11 the default policy is "default"
The scheduler provides "OpPolicy" directive which can be used to modify the policy.  lpadmin command can also be used to set the policy to<br>
a particular printer using <code>-o printer-op-policy</code>
*the default LogLevel is now "warn" instead of "info"
*The scheduler now supports a DefaultPaperSize directive to override the default paper size defined by the locale or libpaper configuration
*New ErrorPolicy "retry-current-job" is added, that retries the current job immediately
*Scheduler supports SSLOptions Directive in cupsd.conf which specifies the network address and port to Listen for secure connections
*Scheduler now supports new "FatalErrors" Directive to determine which kind of errors are fatal, The following kind of errors are currently recognized
none, all, browse, config (configuration syntax errors), log (log file creation errors), permissions (file permission errors ex: certificate files and keys)
*Scheduler now passes hostname from the job was submitted as "job-originating-host-name" to filters and back-ends
*Scheduler now includes CUPS_FILETYPE, PRINTER_INFO, and PRINTER_LOCATION environment variables that is passed to filter or backend
*The scheduler now supports a test mode via the "-t" option, which can be used to test the syntax of cupsd.conf.

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