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== autojump ==
'''autojump''' is a command line tool for moving around between different parts of the filesystem more easily than cd.  Fedora 16 now includes version 15 of '''autojump'''.  The project's wiki may be found at [].
== calcurse ==
'''calcurse''' is a text based calendaring and scheduling application.  Version 2.9.0 includes new features:
* Usage of short form dates such as "29/5/10" instead of "29/05/2010", "23" for the 23rd of the currently selected month and year or "3/1" for Mar 01 (or Jan 03, depending on the date format) of the currently selected year.
* "backword-kill-word" line editing function.
* Automatically drop empty notes after editing.
* Documentation and man pages now are in AsciiDoc format which is easier to maintain and can be translated to several formats such as HTML, PDF, PostScript, EPUB, DocBook and much more.
* Manual and man pages contain updated links to our new website and mailing lists, as well as instructions on how to use Transifex.
For more details, refer to [].
== cuneiform ==
'''cuneiform''' is an open source OCR system and is new to Fedora 16.  Complete details may be found at [].
== ease ==
Also new to Fedora 16 is '''ease'''.  '''ease''' is a simple, GNOME-based presentation system  For more information refer to [].
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