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cherrytree is new to Fedora. A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.


evolution has been updated to 3.3.5. This is a bugfix release.


libreoffice has been updated to


lemonpos, Lemon in short, is an open source Point of Sale software targeted for micro, small and medium businesses. MySQL is employed for data management and storage, and can be used a single database with many POS terminals on a network.

Lemon provides a modern themeable and easy to use Interface, a search panel, a price-checker tool, an administration tool for managing your store, printed reports, and more...


rachota is also new to Fedora. It is a portable application for timetracking different projects. It runs everywhere. It displays time data in diagram form, creates customized reports and invoices or analyses measured data and suggests hints to improve user's time usage. The totally portable yet personal timetracker.


Scribus has been updated to 1.4.0, a major upgrade:

  • Feature enhancements to object handling (e.g. transform tools like in advanced drawing programs), with improvements to existing features like the Scrapbook and the Image Manager.
  • Many advanced options for text and typography, like character styles, optical margins, or glyph extension. Undo/Redo is finally available for almost all text-related actions, and a new script enables replacing straight quotes with typographical quotation marks based on language settings. Usability improvements include better cursor placement and movement, faster layout on canvas and interaction between linked frames.
  • New features for vector objects, like Boolean path operations, vector effects or a line style editor.
  • Major improvements to the handling of fills, like pattern fill, more gradient types, support for external color palette formats (AI, EPS, GPL, PostScript, SOC), and many new color palettes, including those from commercial vendors like Resene and dtp studio, as well as national/government standards.
  • A new frame type called "Render Frame" allows for rendering (and subsequently export) the output of every program that can create PostScript, PDF or PNG files via the command line (e.g. LaTeX, Lilypond, POV-Ray) inside Scribus. The initial version of which was developed as a project for Google Summer of Code and this project has developed to allow import of externally produced documents, scientific publications and formulas. More renderers can be added with a simple configuration file.
  • Vector import filters: Scribus 1.4.0 provides new import filters for the following file formats: Adobe Illustrator (both EPS and PDF-based), Macintosh Picture (PICT), Windows Metafile (WMF), Xfig (FIG), Calamus Vector Graphics (CVG), Kivio Stencils (SML), and DIA Shapes (SHAPE).
  • Regarding bitmap images, the handling of Photoshop files has seen many major improvements, like support of multiple clipping paths or PSD layers. The Image Manager has been rewritten, and new non-destructive image effects have been added.* Moreover, Scribus 1.4.0 now supports EXIF data in images, and import of Windows and OS/2 bitmaps (BMP) has been re-enabled.
  • Among the major enhancements to Scribus's pre-press features, printing marks and the display of ink coverage in the Print Preview are the most important. In addition, Scribus now enables conversion of spot colors to process colors during PDF and PostScript export with a single click.
  • PDF export has seen major improvements as well. Scribus can now export to PDF 1.5, including PDF layers. Another new feature is the option to embed EPS and PDF files in exported PDFs as an alternative to rasterizing them. Also, both font embedding and substitution have been improved.
  • For color management, Scribus 1.4.0 now supports both littleCMS version 1 and 2. It's also possible to enable color management with a single click from the main window.
  • Additionally, the Scribus Team has added a feature to emulate color blindness on screen.
  • Hundreds of minor and major usability improvements have been added.
  • The included scripts have been updated, including the addition of the "Autoquote" script in the Script menu to convert straight quotes in a text frame to correct quotation marks for many languages.
  • Scribus 1.4.0 is being shipped with many more templates than previous versions.
  • The content of the Help System has been rewritten and updated.


Also new to Fedora 17 is timeline, a cross-platform application for displaying and navigating events on a timeline.

  • Organize events in hierarchical categories
  • Move and resize events with the mouse
  • Duplicate events
  • Search events
  • Go to a specific date
  • Different representation depending on zoom level
  • Export to image


vym has been updated to version 2.0.6. This upgrade include many new features:

  • General
    • File handling
      • Autosave
      • Automatic backups
      • vym now checks regulary if map has changed on disk and
      • Multiple files can be selected while loading maps and images
      • Restore last session
    • Multiple mapcenters in one map
    • Manpage added
    • New translations
    • Code
      • Completely ported to Qt4 now.
      • HTML export now native code without XSLT transformation
      • DBUS support (partly)
  • Import/Export
    • Last export can be repeated
    • Simple export to CSV spreadsheet
    • Most important exports can be scripted now
    • ASCII exports show URLs
    • Import of FreeMind maps
  • Handling
    • Quick sorting and moving using "targets"
      • Targets can be defined by singlekeystroke
      • "Goto" selects target
      • "Move to" moves selection to target without moving view. Very useful for quickly sorting things
    • Brainstorm mode
    • add/delete
      • insert branch and make selection its child
      • removing childs of a branch
      • removing a branch and keeping its childs
    • xLinks
      • can now be comfortably selected by clicking
      • very easy to follow a xlink by clicking into the corner of the branch, where it begins
      • also "F" key can be used to follow
    • References/URLs
      • Opening of all vymLinks in a subtree
      • Opening of all URLs in a subtree
      • Bugzilla integration
        • vym can fetch data directly from Bugzilla (extra package required, see manual)
        • Quick checks of bugs status: All bugs in a subtree can be updated by single keystroke
        • Support for Bugzilla queries
    • Copy from past steps in history to current one
    • Adding timestamp to branch
    • Sort lexically (forward/backward)
    • create new map with current selection as MapCenter
    • Detach a branch to make it a new mapcenter
    • Go forward/backward in selection history
  • Widgets
    • Editors
      • Tree editor added
      • Heading editor added
    • New find window
      • shows all hits clearly, both branches and notes
      • Makes it easy to select the hits in editors
    • More filedialogs now can remember to switch off warnings
    • Progressbar shows filename of currently loading map
    • Dock Widgets
      • can be positioned freely
        • Floating next to mainwindow
        • Integrated (top/left/right/bottom) into mainwindow
      • Note editor
      • Find window
  • Graphics
    • Animation
      • Panning
      • Snap back
    • Images
      • Basic SVG support
      • Images can be resized
      • New standard flags
    • Frames
      • Include subtree in frame
      • New frametype: cloud
    • Zoom
      • Zoom with scroll wheel (press CTRL)
      • zoom factor is saved and restored on load
      • Center on selection with "." or reset zoom with ","
    • Autolayout (collision detection)
    • Fonts
      • Set default font
      • Branch headings may be RichText now