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Possible related feature pages:
* [[Features/DogtagCertificateSystem | Dogtag Certificate System ]]
* [[Features/UserAccountDialog |User Account Dialog ]]
* [[Features/ModprobeWhitelist |Modprobe Whitelist ]]
* [[Features/KDE_PolicyKitOneQt |KDE PolicyKit One Qt ]]
= Security =
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Fedora 13 in the section Administration, includes some new enhancements in security including:
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* DGS (Dogtag Certificate System), that is an enterprise-class open source Certificate Authority (CA) supporting all aspects of certificate lifecycle management including key archival, OCSP and smartcard management, trough ESC (Enterprise Security Client)
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* modprobe Whitelist allows system administrators in high-security situations to limit the modules loaded by modprobe to a specific list of modules configured by the administrator, making it impossible for unprivileged users to exploit vulnerabilities in modules that are not ordinarily used by e.g. attaching hardware and so limit the amount of (potentially vulnerable) code that can run in the kernel.
* A new User Account Dialog is redesigned and implemented to create new users and edit user-related information in single-user systems or small deployments. This new dialog supersedes functionality that was previously available in a variety of tools, such as system-config-user, gnome-about-me, gdmsetup and polkit-gnome-authorization, and makes it available in one place.
* Policy Kit One that replaces the old deprecated Policy Kit, allows the KDE users to have a better experience of their applications and desktop in general, beginning with the new authorization system KAuth.
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