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I'm Dan Walsh. I have been working at Red Hat for 8 years.

These days, I am the Project Lead for Red Hat's SELinux development.

BIO Daniel Walsh has worked in the computer security field for over 25 years. Dan joined Red Hat in August 2001. He has led the SELinux project, concentrating on the application space and policy development. Previously, Dan worked on Netect/Bindview on HackerShield and BVControl for Unix, Vulnerability Assessment Products. Prior to this Dan worked for Digital Equipment Corporation on the Athena Project along with designing and developing the AltaVista Firewall and AltaVista Tunnel (VPN) Products. Dan has a BA in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross and a MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Email: dwalsh AT redhat DOT com
GPG: http://people.fedoraproject.org/~dwalsh/dwalsh.asc
IRC: dwalsh on freenode
FAS: dwalsh
Blog: http://danwalsh.livejournal.com
Fedora website: http://people.fedoraproject.org/~dwalsh
Red Hat website: http://people.redhat.com/dwalsh