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2do. Encuentro Nacional de Estudiantes de Ingeniería

2th National Meeting of Engineering Students


The ENEING is held anually in Chichiriviche, Falcon State, Venezuela. The meeting is considered on of the biggest events of the year in Venezuela for Engineering Students. There will be on talk about Fedora and tools for Engineering, like Fedora Electronic Labs.



  • Venue: Hotel Mario Morrocoy
  • City / State: Chichiriviche / Falcón
  • Country: Venezuela


  • June 24th to June 26th

Users group

The Venezuela Fedora Community will have a space to do a live show of Fedora 15's new features. Also to answer questions and deliver DVD's and CD's with Fedora.

Community Event

The goal of the community event is to present Fedora as an important tool for Engineering Students, Companies and Professionals. We will have a talk and afterwards questions from the participants.

Main session

  • Description: General presentation about Fedora Project, presenting the results of the community, goals and a presentation of the main features of the Fedora 15, and tools used for engineering.

Proposed talks

Session Name Description Audience Level Owner
Fedora: Free tools for Efficient Engineering Presentation about Fedora and the tools for engineering. Advanced Pablo Hernández Borges
Session Name Description Audience Level Owner

Users group

This is a space where event attendees can stop by during the whole event and talk with Fedora contributors, get medias, share experiences and learn how to contribute.


Hotel 4 days - double Stars
Hotel Mario Morrocoy - -