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= Fedora Events: ENSOL =
= Fedora Events: ENSOL =
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[edit] Fedora Events: ENSOL

  • I Encontro de Software Livre da Paraíba (First Free Software Meeting in Paraíba State)
  • It'll represent the first Brazilian's Northeast Free Software Meeting, that occurs in one state per year.
  • This is a event in the northeast of Brazil with IT Infrastructure and Developers.
  • Developers communities in this meetings and many lectures.
  • 1347 signed in until now (05/05/06).

[edit] Location

  • João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

[edit] Date

  • May 12-14, 2006

[edit] Ambassadors

  • HugoCisneiros
  • RodrigoPadula

[edit] Event Pictures

[edit] News

  • We'll present two lectures in this Event (HugoCisneiros and RodrigoPadula)
  • HugoCisneiros reserved a community booth for Fedora Project (confirmed) to distribute DVDs and Flyers talking about Fedora and our Project
  • Great Success!

[edit] Status

  • HugoCisneiros will present a lecture about the Linux Documentation.
  • RodrigoPadula will present a lecture about the Fedora Project and Brazilian Fedora Project.
  • A Stand is reserved for the Fedora Project and Fedora Users Group
  • working on presentations
  • Will use budget remaining from FISL (See: ["FedoraEvents/FISL/FISL7"]
  • Great Success!
  • 180 DVDs (FC5 i386 ) distributed
  • 15 DVDs (FC5 64Bits ) distributed
  • 5 DVDs (FC5 PPC) distributed
  • 1000 Flyers distributed
  • Full lectures
  • Great interaction with the community.
  • New enlisted collaborators