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EPEL Branch Requests

please fill in the table with branching requests for epel7

ACL source must be one of EL-6 or devel

if the package was in epel6 then use EL-6, if its a new package to epel use devel; if you use anything else your request will not be correctly processed

Add new requests to the end, there's no need to sort. if you sort it there is a high chance that your request will be skipped if added while the queue is processed.

Package Name ACL Source
foo EL-6
sl devel
abcde EL-6
cd-discid EL-6
cdlabelgen EL-6
chemtool EL-6
cp2k EL-6
crm114 EL-6
gabedit EL-6
inchi EL-6
jack-audio-connection-kit EL-6
libEMF EL-6
libgadu devel
libxmp devel
makedepf90 EL-6
openbabel EL-6
pax-utils EL-6
tachyon EL-6
tre EL-6
wxmacmolplt EL-6
xmp devel
xmp-plugin-audacious devel