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EPEL特别兴趣小组是一个不断寻找对本项目由热爱人士的小组。我们需要软件包维护人员、测试人员、问题反馈人员、推广和文档撰写人员。如果您想加入,请见[[Joining_EPEL | Joining EPEL]] 。
EPEL特别兴趣小组是一个不断寻找对本项目由热爱人士的小组。我们需要软件包维护人员、测试人员、问题反馈人员、推广和文档撰写人员。如果您想加入,请见[[Joining_EPEL | Joining EPEL]] 。
== Communicating with the EPEL SIG ==
== 与EPEL特别兴趣小组取得联系 ==
There are many ways to communicate with the EPEL SIG and it's members:  
* The #epel irc channel on offers real-time support for EPEL users and developers.
* #epel的IRC频道,位于 您可以获取很多有价值的指导。
* The [ epel-devel-list] is for general developer and SIG discussion.
* [ epel-devel-list]是针对EPEL特别兴趣小组的电子邮件列表
* The [ epel-announce] mailing list is a low volume mailing list for only important announcements.
* [ epel-announce]是一个通知EPEL内容更新的邮件列表
* The [ epel-package-announce] list is a list that gets information about package updates as they happen in the stable repository.
* [ epel-package-announce] 是一个发布新软件包的新闻邮件列表
* If you find a bug in a EPEL maintained package, please report it to [] under the "Fedora EPEL" component.
* If you find a bug in a EPEL maintained package, please report it to [] under the "Fedora EPEL" component.

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企业版Linux额外包(以下简称EPEL)是一个由特别兴趣小组创建、维护并管理的,针对红帽Linux及其衍生发行版(比如CentOS、Scientific Linux的一个高质量附加软件包项目。


更多信息请访问 EPEL FAQ


你可以道任意的EPEL镜像查看:mirror list




如果您使用企业版Linux 6: epel-release-6-5.noarch.rpm

注意: 有些第三方需要EPEL来安装依赖组件,请启用本源。

如果您使用企业版Linux 5: epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm

如果您使用企业版Linux 4: epel-release-4-10.noarch.rpm

您可以通过: 验证这些包的签名

History and background of the project

The EPEL project was born when Fedora maintainers realized that the same infrastructure that builds and maintains packages would be great to also maintain add on packages for Enterprise Linux. Much of the early need was driven by what Fedora infrastructure needed on the RHEL machines that built and maintained Fedora. From there things have grown to a large collection of varied packages. See our history and Philosophy page for more information.


EPEL特别兴趣小组是一个不断寻找对本项目由热爱人士的小组。我们需要软件包维护人员、测试人员、问题反馈人员、推广和文档撰写人员。如果您想加入,请见 Joining EPEL



  • #epel的IRC频道,位于 您可以获取很多有价值的指导。