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The EPEL Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group of people interested in the EPEL package repository . They and other interested contributors not only do the work but normally also make the EPEL government decisions on the list or in their meetings by participating in the discussions and votings.

Joining the SIG

Joining the EPEL SIG is as simple as having a love for Enterprise Linux.

See our Joining EPEL page for more information on how you could join us.


If you have specific work areas in the EPEL project please mention them behind your name in the list below.

  • DennisGilmore - infrastructure,rel-eng
  • MikeMcGrath
  • Michael Stahnke
  • KevinFenzi - Infrastructure, ren-eng,Xfce
  • KarstenWade
  • JeffSheltren
  • MattDomsch
  • BernardJohnson
  • DennisGregorovic
  • MichaelThomas
  • WarrenTogami
  • StevenPritchard - Perl
  • KonstantinRyabitsev
  • ManuelWolfshant
  • OrionPoplawski
  • RemiCollet
  • ClaireConnelly
  • XavierLamien
  • BojanSmojver
  • RayVanDolson
  • MarekMahut
  • CristianBalint - GIS (Geographic Information System) tools
  • SimonWesp
  • LucianLanga
  • Jeroen van Meeuwen Puppet(-server/master)
  • GaryGiesen - IP Networking tools
  • AndrewColinKissa
  • Chitlesh Goorah - Ensuring compatibility with Fedora Electronic Lab
  • Prabin Kumar Datta