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Joining the SIG

Joining the EPEL SIG is as simple as having a love for Enterprise Linux and participating in the EPEL SIG.

See our Joining EPEL page for more information on how you could join us.


If you have specific work areas in the EPEL project please mention them behind your name in the list below.

  • DennisGilmore - infrastructure,rel-eng
  • MikeMcGrath
  • Michael Stahnke
  • Kevin Fenzi - Infrastructure, ren-eng,Xfce
  • KarstenWade
  • JeffSheltren
  • MattDomsch
  • BernardJohnson
  • DennisGregorovic
  • MichaelThomas
  • WarrenTogami
  • StevenPritchard - Perl
  • KonstantinRyabitsev
  • ManuelWolfshant
  • OrionPoplawski
  • RemiCollet
  • ClaireConnelly
  • XavierLamien
  • BojanSmojver
  • RayVanDolson
  • MarekMahut
  • CristianBalint - GIS (Geographic Information System) tools
  • SimonWesp
  • LucianLanga
  • Jeroen van Meeuwen Puppet(-server/master)
  • GaryGiesen - IP Networking tools
  • AndrewColinKissa
  • Chitlesh Goorah - Ensuring compatibility with Fedora Electronic Lab
  • Prabin Kumar Datta


The EPEL SIG meets every week in the #fedora-meeting irc channel at 20:30UTC. Feel free to join us! Logs of past meetings can be found at:

Meeting commands

Here's some handy commands if you run the meeting:

#startmeeting EPEL (YYYY-MM-DD)
#meetingname epel
#topic init process/agenda
#chair smooge tremble nirik
EPEL meeting ping abadger1999 rsc stahnma tremble dgilmore smooge nb maxamillion tremble Jeff_S

The YYYY-MM-DD Should be filled in with the days year, month, day.

The ping should be done in #epel and #fedora-meeting (feel free to add yourself here if you wish to be pinged)

Agenda items

Items to be discussed in the next meeting can be added here:

2011-03-21 - Wiki redesign status report

2011-03-21 - Clamav status report

2011-06-13 - Conflicts Guidelines - EPEL has a lot more compatibility packages than Fedora. These can't all be made parallel installable. Would it be okay to relax the Conflicts Guidelines in EPEL somewhat to allow for this? Example Zabbix Review

2011-06-13 - Python26 subpackages vs separate packages - Fedora allows python3 binary rpms to be built as subpackages of a single rpm. Should EPEL allow the same for python26 packages? FPC leans against that but would like the EPEL SIG to chart their own course here. The reasons for advising against it are EPEL has: 1) stricter policy about incompatible updates so separate packages can evolve independently should the need arise to update to a newer version, 2) Someone wanting the python26 version of a module also likely wants the latest version of that module rather than the version currently built in EPEL5 against python(2.4), 3) Bugs that prevent building, updating, running against python26 should not prevent the package being building/updating on python-2.4 and vice versa. With subpackages, this is the case.