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The Fedora project can offer a number of easy task to new comers.

If you are new to the project, you may want to check [easyfix], pick one that you like, contact the person in charge and get started ;-)

If you are a project owner and would like to add your project to the easyfix page there are to step to do:

  • add yourself below
  • enable xml prc on your trac, in the plugin page find the xml rpc plugin and enable:
    • all the tracrpc.ticket.*
    • the entry tracrpc.xml_rpc.*
    • the entry tracrpc.web_ui.*
    • give the XML_RPC write to 'anonymous' in the permission page (for this you will need to activate the entry tracrpc.api.* in the plugin page)


You should provide:

  • The name of the project
  • The tag you use in the keywords field to mark ticket as easyfix
  • Your fas name as contact person.
* elections easyfix toshio
* fas easyfix toshio
* fedora-infrastructure easyfix kevin
* kitchen easyfix toshio
* packagedb easyfix toshio
* python-fedora easyfix toshio
* tgcaptcha2 easyfix pingou
* bodhi easyfix lmacken