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Indigo is the 2011 simultaneous release of Eclipse projects. This year there are 62 projects and 46 million lines of code making up the release! Fedora packages a sub-set of the simultaneous release along with a bunch of Eclipse plugins that are not hosted at and/or are not a part of the simultaneous release. This page tracks our updates to the Indigo versions, targetting Fedora 16.

SRPM Upstream Indigo version (link to upstream p2 repository) SCM tag/link Status
eclipse-birt Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) 3.7.0
eclipse-cdt C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 8.0.0
eclipse-dtp Data Tools Platform 1.9.0
eclipse-dltk Dynamic Languages Toolkit 3.0.0
eclipse-egit Eclipse Git Team Provider 1.0.0
eclipse{,-p2-discovery,-testframework} Eclipse Project 3.7.0
eclipse-emf EMF 2.7.0
eclipse-gef Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 3.7.0
eclipse-jgit Java implementation of Git 1.0.0
eclipse-callgraph, eclipse-cdt, eclipse-changelog, eclipse-linuxprofilingframework, eclipse-oprofile, eclipse-rpm-editor, eclipse-systemtapgui, eclipse-valgrind Linux Tools 0.8.0
eclipse-mpc [ Marketplace Client 1.1.0
eclipse-md5-uml2 MDT UML2 3.2.0
eclipse-emf-xsd MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition) 2.7.0
eclipse-mylyn* Mylyn 3.6.0
eclipse-mdt-ocl OCL (Object Constraint Language) 3.1.0
eclipse-{photran,ptp} Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) 5.0.0
eclipse-m2m-qvtoml QVT Operational 3.1.0