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What is Eclipse PackageKit

Eclipse PackageKit is an Eclipse plugin that allows for interaction with PackageKit. The goal of this plugin is to satisfy various software installation requests from within the Eclipse IDE, and without having to force a user to explicitly use any distribution-specific tools.

To interact with PackageKit, we use the PackageKit DBus API, which we access using dbus-java.

Workflows Using PackageKit Integration

The following list will contain a set of plugins within the Eclipse IDE that Eclipse PackageKit can improve.

Eclipse Autotools Problem Marker Resolution

When building a C/C++ Autotools project, one can use the can use the Autotools support provided by the Eclipse CDT to acoomplish the task. When Autoconf is invoked on the project, it may fail to find a particular resource (library, module, program, file, etc.) and this will be clearly indicated in the Eclipse "Problems" View. Although its possible to bind a particular resolution to a problem, the Autotools plugin currently does not do this, and it becomes the responsibility of the user to figure out which packages in their distribution satisfy the missing requirement(s).

The Eclipse IDE provides the ability to bind a "resolution" to entries listed in the problems view, so Eclipse PackageKit provides an Autotools plugin which