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= Email Aliases =
= Email Aliases =

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Email Aliases

We provide email aliases on the domain to all contributors who have signed the CLA and are a member of at least one non-CLA group.

Getting Your Aliases

In order to get your email aliases, you must create an account in the Fedora Account System . You must also sign the Contributor License Agreement.

After account creation, it may take up to an hour before the email aliases are activated.

Once your account is ready, you will get aliases based upon the following template:


Your aliases will forward to whatever email address you have registered in the Account System. If ever you need to change the address your mail forwards to, that is the place to do it.

You will not be provided with any sort of POP, IMAP, or web-based email access. You will not be provided with any mail storage. These aliases are forwarding-only. In order to send mail 'from' these addresses, you must set the From header on your email from your current email client. Many free web-based email services do not offer this ability, so you may need to establish an account elsewhere to gain this ability. The necessary configuration steps vary for each email client, so you are on your own to figure out how to do this.

Working Clients

These clients are known to allow explicit From headers, which allows your email to appear as being 'from' your aliases.

Client Name Works? Instructions Notes
Clients in Fedora Package Collection
Thunderbird Checkmark.png Link
Evolution Checkmark.png Link
KMail Checkmark.png Link
Mutt Checkmark.png
Free Web-Based Offerings
GMail/Google Mail Checkmark.png Link
Yahoo! Mail Warning.png
MSN Hotmail Warning.png

Checkmark.png Works
Note.png Unknown/Limited
Warning.png Doesn't Work

Evolution Client

To set an E-Mail Alias in Evolution, you simply create a new account with the following properties:

  • E-mail Address: email alias (i.e.
  • Receiving Email: none
  • Sending Mail: that of your service provider
  • Set the other Sending Mail properties, as requested by your service provider


To set an E-Mail Alias in Thunderbird, first create an account for the email address that receives the redirected emails. Once done, go to Edit --> Account Settings (or Tools --> Account Settings), and select the account you just created. At the bottom right corner, click Manage Identities. Click on Add, and then fill in your name and your alias (i.e. Click OK, and you're all set!

Anti-spam filter
To limit the diffusion of E-mail_spam, some service providers create a directory in your web mail account where, by default, suspected e-mails are stored temporarily and after some time deleted and so are not sent to your e-mail client. As e-mails from fedoraproject domain could be handled in this way, you should set in your web mail the fedoraproject domanin as reliable, to avoid this.

If any of the above listings are inaccurate, or if you have additional information, please update this list!

Getting Help

If you need help or have questions about this process, contact the Account System team .