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Each release of Fedora is maintained as laid out in the maintenance schedule. At the conclusion of the maintenance period, a Fedora release enters end of life status. This procedure describes the tasks necessary to move a release to that status.


Set date

  • FESCo responsibilities:
    • Follow guidelines of maintenance schedule
    • Take into account any infrastructure or other supporting project resource contention
    • Announce the closure of the release to the package maintainers.

Reminder announcement

  • from FESCo chair to f-devel-announce, f-announce-l, including
    • date of last update push (if needed)
    • date of actual EOL

Koji tasks

  • disable builds by removing targets
koji remove-target dist-f12
koji remove-target dist-f12-updates-candidate
  • Purge from disk the signed copies of rpms that are signed with the EOL'd release key

Bodhi tasks

In puppet, set the push scripts to not push the old release:

diff --git a/configs/system/fedora-updates-push
index 2c05334..39e25f7 100755
--- a/configs/system/fedora-updates-push
+++ b/configs/system/fedora-updates-push
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@

-for rel in 11 12 13; do
+for rel in 12 13; do

 rsync -rlptDvHh --delay-updates $RSYNC_OPTS --exclude "repodata/*" \
         $SOURCE/f$rel-updates/ $DEST/$rel/ &>/dev/null
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ rsync -rlptDvHh --delay-updates $RSYNC_OPTS --delete
--delete-after \
         $SOURCE/f$rel-updates/ $DEST/$rel/ &>/dev/null

-for rel in 11 12 13; do
+for rel in 12 13; do

 rsync -rlptDvHh --delay-updates $RSYNC_OPTS --exclude "repodata/*" \
         $SOURCE/f$rel-updates-testing/ $DEST/testing/$rel/ &>/dev/null


Set the release to be End of Life in the PackageDB. Currently, that's done with the following db queries:

-- For the Package ACLs
update collection set statuscode = 9 where name = 'Fedora' and version = '11'; 

-- For the Application Database
select * from repos where shortname ~'^F-11-.*' and active = true;
-- Check that only repositories for the EOL repo are listed.
update repos set active = false where shortname ~ '^F-11-*' and active = true;
-- Make sure the same number of records were modified as previous select

Source Control (CVS)

  • Branches for new packages in CVS are not allowed for distribution X after the Fedora X+2 release. New builds are no longer allowed for EOL Fedora releases.


The AutoQA project maintains a config file (repoinfo.conf) that describes available package repositories and their inheritance. When a Fedora release is EOL'd, the repoinfo.conf file needs to be updated. Please file an autoqa ticket to modify the repoinfo.conf file to remove pointers to the EOL'd release.

Bugzappers Tasks


Docs tasks

  • any?

Badges tasks

Cloud tasks

Final announcement

  • from FPL to f-announce-l
    • on EOL date if at all possible
    • link to previous reminder announcement (use HTTPS)

Announcement content


Consider Before Running

  • Resource contention in infrastructure, such as outages
  • Extenuating circumstances for specific planned updates, if any
  • ot