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This document track status of projects developer or co-operated. Feel free to contact us on the mailing list or directly contact owner features. Another possibility is work on bugzillas related to features.

Area Feature Fedora Change Aim Blockers Comment What do to Owner
testing additional repositories Playground repo [1] F-22 obs-signd,

tests for automatic inclusion into repo (Taskotron),

stats of downloads

Playground plugin is similar to Copr plugin [2] mmaslano
automation Automated packages review tools [3] F-22 ? design of the whole thing, only parts are ready pingou
automation Taskotron F-22 ? development plan tflink
Build Systems Copr upstream F21 bz msuchy
Software Collections in Fedora SCL [4] F-21? FPC ticket upstream location of SCLs mmaslano
DevAssistant [5] F-21 bkabrda
Continuous Integration prototype of few projects koschei


Layered Docker images Docker F-21? We could have layered images for different stacks (e.g. LAMP), see vpavlin
Docker integration with copr Docker F-22 Build package(s), create layered image, pull image, run container sicampbell
Continuous Integration rpmgrill F-22 We need to integrate rpmgrill into Taskotron as one of the tests hhorak