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Fedora Events: ETH-0 2008 - Den Oever, Netherlands

About ETH-0

ETH0 is an outdoor computer event intended to bring people with differing computer-related interests and skills together for an informative and fun time. ETH0 will be held from the 5th of July 2008 to the 11th of July 2008.

For more information, visit:

Date & Location

  • Saturday - Friday, July 5 - 11, 2008
  • Near Den Oever, in the Netherlands.
  • Location: Google Maps



  • Tents, and other camping supplies
  • Stickers - Laptop and big ones
  • Power strips, networking switches, wireless hubs (power is provided)
  • Bring your own hardware
  • Food


  • Speakers to talk about the more exotic things in Fedora
  • Schwag
  • USB Sticks for LiveUSB
  • an OLPC for demoing - nothing mission critical, in case someone wants to reflash it for fun.
  • Any other embedded hardware running Fedora or Fedora based code.


  • Someone needs to volunteer to look into accomodation options.


  • Potential Budget of 500 Euros max.
  • YaakovNemoy is paying for most of his expenses out of pocket


  • N/A


  • N/A