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Etherpad FAD

We're trying to organize one. See Etherpad FAD for more.

Packaging Etherpad

There's a not really guidelines compliant version alive here:

Etherpad bundles a good chunk of libraries. Some of them are already packaging in Fedora, some aren't.

Libraries bundled in Etherpad

in etherpad/lib

file name fedora package status
dnsjava-2.0.6.jar dnsjava works
jbcrypt-0.2.jar jBCrypt packaged
jcommon-1.0.15.jar jcommon works
jfreechart-1.0.12.jar jfreechart works

in infrastructure/lib

file name fedora package status
activation.jar classpathx-jaf works
c3p0- review (new package needed) needs packaging
commons-lang-2.4.jar jakarta-commons-lang works
derby- derby works
derbytools.jar derby works
dnsjava-2.0.6.jar dnsjava works
jetty-6.1.20.jar jetty works
jetty-sslengine-6.1.20.jar jetty works
jetty-util-6.1.20.jar jetty works
json.jar json Is non-free; free replacement exists [1]
mail.jar javamail works
rhino-js-1.7r1.jar rhino breaks build, significant api breakage for yuicompressor both in r2 and r3; possibly needed just by yuicompressor
sanselan-0.94aj.jar source (maven-release dependency only from f14 on) needs packaging
servlet-api-2.5-20081211.jar tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api works
tagsoup-1.2.jar tagsoup works
yuicompressor-2.4-appjet.jar source breaks build, significant api breakage for yuicompressor both in r2 and r3; maybe could be disabled (runtime performance penalty), or we need compat-rhino-17r1 needs packaging