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== Attendees ==
== Attendees ==
[[User:giallu|Gianluca Sforna]] - busy with EP organization
[[User:giallu|Gianluca Sforna]] - busy with EP organization.
[[User:jbustos|Jesus Bustos]]  
[[User:jbustos|Jesus Bustos]]  
== Material Needed ==
== Material Needed ==

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[edit] EuroPython 2012 - Florence, Italy

[edit] About EuroPython

EuroPython is the official European conference about the Python programming language. The 2011 edition, held in the same place, attracted more than 700 people and was a great success.

[edit] Date & Location

[edit] Attendees

Gianluca Sforna - busy with EP organization.

Jesus Bustos

[edit] Material Needed

  • Fedora 17 install and/or live media
  • a showcase laptop
  • posters

[edit] Status

  • Figure out who is coming (if you are please add your name above)
  • Determine how much space (if any) is available for Fedora,
  • Decide what can we do as Fedora group
  • Giallu can bridge requests to organizers if/when needed

[edit] Reports

  • t.b.d.

[edit] Pictures

  • t.b.d