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* Topic at the [[FAD/FADEMEA2007| FAD EMEA 2007]]  
* Topic at the [[FAD/FADEMEA2007| FAD EMEA 2007]]  
* Summary of the Meeting at [[Ambassadors/Meetings/2007-04-19| 2007-04-19]]  
* Summary of the Meeting at [[Ambassadors/Meetings/2007-04-19| 2007-04-19]]  
== Personal EventBox ==
The Event<code></code>Box is a very big project and the work about that is more or less still in progress.  Until the Event<code></code>Box is ready to ship here is a suggestion or a guide to make a small "Personal Event<code></code>Box". This box contains no advertisement stuff only necessary thing which can be useful to build up a booth.
{| border="1"
|- |<-3: rowstyle="background-color: #3074c2; color: white;">'''Personal Event Box'''
|- style="background-color: #EEEFF1;"
| '''Event Kit Item''' || '''Description'''
| "Container"            ||  Plastic box (waterproof)
| Ethernet Cables        ||  1x 3 m, 1x 1 m & 1x 0.5 m
| Pens                  ||  around 20
| Markers                ||  black, red, blue (Waterproof)
| Duct tape              ||  5 mm x 20 m roll (invisible)
| Cable strap            ||  15x small, 15x large
| Tape                  ||  50 mm x 40 m roll (invisible)
| Misc                  ||  rubber, corretion tape, pair of scissors, glue stick, 2x lanyards, twine and microsaver
Take a look the version for [[FedoraEvents/LinuxTag/LinuxTag2007| LinuxTag 2007]] .

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Ambassadors Header AmbassadorsN1.png

Fedora Ambassadors - Event Box

This project is currently in the proposal phase. During this phase we would like to accomplish the following items:

  • Detail what is contained in the event box.
  • Estimate costs of obtaining items for the event box.
  • Determine a way to coordinate shipping and scheduling of the event box.

What exactly is an Event Box?

The goal is to provide a way to allow a Fedora Ambassador to have a turnkey solution for getting the basics of a booth at an event setup. This box would contain materials to allow a somewhat uniform and professional appearance of Fedora at events Ambassadors attend. This is one part of helping lower the hurdle of taking on organizing a Fedora presence at a local event.

Where did this idea come from?

The idea is heavily inspired by the Gnome Project's Events Box .

Is this Event Box the only thing I need to organize an event?

No. The Event Box is just one piece of the puzzle. The goal of the event box is to ease the burden of event organization by supplying Fedora Ambassadors with a "booth in a box". A Fedora Ambassador will still need materials (Fedora brochures explaining what Fedora is about, handouts highlighting upcoming release features, etc.) and arrange schwag to distribute from the booth.

Can I use an Event Box for my Event?

Yes, you sure can. If you are in North America, we have already made this a reality. With one EventBox currently in circulation and 3 more planned by 2009, it's likely you can have one for your event!

To make a request for an Event Box, make a request on the FedoraEvents page and when the events are evaluated (approximately one month before the fiscal quarter begins), we'll let you know the schedule.

What if I have an idea for the Event Box?

Have an idea for an item that should be in this box? Add it to the table below. Do you have another idea for this Event Box? Create a section and add it to this page.

Suggested contents of the Event Box

Event Kit Item Cost (in US $) Status Notes
Shipping Container $180 obtained Pelican 1610 (lifetime warranty)
Fedora Banner - in box Should already have one.
Fedora Tablecloth - lost Max bought one for Ohio Linux Fest
Fedora Posters -
EEEPC or similar $225 (or free possibly)
XO - suggestions? preferably something small form factor
Heavy Duty Ext. Cord $20
Power Strip $10
Ethernet Cables $0 3 in box donation
Small Router $60
Pens $5 dozen pens (could be nice to get fedora branded ones
Markers $6 4 pack
Tape $7 60 yard roll of painters tape is best
Scissors $4 400' white
Hooks (to hang banner) -

Suggested ways to handle getting the Event Box from point A to point B

Given the amount of contents currently suggested in the Event Box, there are issues to consider logistically. Shipping this box will cost money due to its size. The positive to this is that it helps ensure well put together Fedora booths at events and help free up time for event organizers to focus on other areas of event preparation.

Ideally the event box would be shipped from event to event. If there is a substantial time gap between events the event box should probably be sent back to a central location for safe keeping.

Discussions about the EventBox