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== Ambassador Event Reports ==
== Ambassador Event Reports ==

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Ambassador Event Reports


Event reporting is now a requirement if you receive funds from the Fedora Project for your event. This page covers when and where event reports are to be submitted and some suggestions of what should be included in your report.

Report Guidelines

  • The "leader" of a particular event should encourage all the other Fedora folks who were there to post about it as well, and aggregate their posts into the summary email to Fedora Ambassadors list.
  • One blog post per day of event, content suggestions listed below.
  • The blog should be part of the Fedora Planet.
  • A summary post to fedora-ambassadors-list at the end that provides links to all the blog posts.
  • This should be completed within 1 week from the end of the trip.

Report Content Suggestions

The following are suggestions as to what to include in a blog post or summary post to the Ambassadors mailing list following an event. An ambassador does not have to answer all of the questions here and some may not apply to an event.

Did something interesting happen at the event that does not fit to one of these questions? Post about it! We want to hear about it - this list is to help generate ideas on to include in a post, but is not meant to limit what an ambassador posts.

  • How many people were at the event? Was the Fedora booth busy?
  • What kind of comments did you receive about Fedora?
  • Were there any questions that were asked more than others?
  • Were there repeated suggestions for improvement in a particular area for Fedora?
  • Did you meet anyone using Fedora in an interesting way or on a large scale?
  • Did you have a 'Birds of a Feather' session? What did you cover? How many people attended?
  • Were there any Fedora talks or sessions as part of the event? What were they about? What was the attendance?
  • How much swag did you give away or sell? (i.e. did you run out of DVDs? Sell all the T-shirts?) What swag was popular?
  • Did you have a iso-to-USB-key creation station? Or any other interactive type demo going on? Was it received well?
  • Did you sign up any contributors (ambassador, packager, infrastructure, artist, etc)?
  • Include pictures in your blog post if at all possible.