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General Information
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Indian Team's Web Event on Cultural Freedom Day'2013


20th May'2013.

15th June'2013.

30th June'2013

Online Web Event in India.

Event Description

Cultural Freedom Day will be celebrated by the Indian team through the active collaboration of the following Free Software groups:

1. Women in Free Software and Culture

2. GLUG Kolkata

3. Fedora India

4. Mozilla India

5. Many Others

The focus will be on improving/increasing the participation of women in free software and improving related cultural aspects. This will be of much relevance in a backward country like India.

On the day we intend to organize at least two hackathons, a tutorial and a pair of competitions. All of these will be conducted through the Web.

Also take a look at our page.

Event Owners

A. Mani

Fedora Representatives

A. Mani

María "tatica" Leandro

List Incomplete.

Tentative Schedule

Expect More

1. Competition-1 will be on digital posters using exclusively Free Software tools. The proposed theme is "Women and Gender Related Issues". Participants will be judged on their knowledge, expression, clarity and quality of work. This competition is being coordinated by A. Mani. More details can be found at this link.

2. Media-wiki Hackathon conducted by Sucheta Ghoshal on 15th June'2013 This hackathon will include an introduction and more advanced parts. These are outlined here.

3. Hackathon + Tutorial on Localization in Fedora Linux by Chandan Kumar on 20th May'2013.

4. Git Hackathon on 15th June'2013

5. Competition-2 will be a quiz on Free Software, Fedora, GNU/Linux, Philosophy and Policy Conducted by a substantial part of organizers.

6. Educational Tutorials on Free software and Culture will also be part of the gallery.

Both competitions will involve interesting prizes.

We intend to publicize the event through various channels to ensure good participation.

Certificates will be awarded to all participants, while prizes will need to be fought for.


Still Open.

Important Deadlines

12th May'2013 for finalizing all details.

Event Budget

Budget Estimate:

Prizes: Pen drives with live Fedora

Cost per prize including postage = Rs 400 --500 Total number of prizes = 9

Buffer : Rs 500.

Total Budget Estimate: Rs 5000

Event Report

Report on Poster Competition on Womens and LGBT Issues

This will be one competition that provoked plenty of debate on methodology and scope of targeted awareness programs. The idea was definitely supported by large sections of the FOSS and many other communities, but some had strong reservations.

We did not have too many submissions though, the number of submissions were less than the available prizes. So all eligible submissions were awarded prizes. These were all submitted by the 13th. The extension of dates, modified 'positive' text and publicity did not help in getting any new submissions

The prizes included Live Fedora design and TexLive'2013 in the Flash drives and the winners are

  • C. Srividya
  • Ani Dalal

The submitted posters are available on the site gallery under CCSA license. The posters were made with GIMP and Inkscape mainly. Ani Dalal's was done in GIMP only with custom brushes. There were differences in the technical quality of submissions as can be seen from the exhibits. Participants were asked to describe the intended representation of the posters. The ideas chosen were simple and direct.

  • Ani Dalal's poster uses a clever interplay of an image of two people holding hands with a large amount of anti-discrimination related words layered optimally over it. It is intended to suggest "freedom and courage, and dawn of a new world, a better world for all, irrespective of their gender or any other form of discrimination."
  • Srividya's first poster carried the message that LGBT people are humans and that humans should be respected irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation.
  • Srividya's second poster is intended as a simple call for a change in the culture associated with free software through the involvement of women in all stages of its existence. Many women have achieved much in the free software world, why don't more women get involved?

The publicity of the event went into various new Google+ community, sociopolitical discussion groups, reddit and social channels (apart from FOSS channels). This by itself must have helped in increasing awareness about FOSS tools. There is a difference between a person who asserts "I know Fedora and GIMP" and one who asserts "I have not heard of free software". We had many positive comments all through in these channels.

Some of the ways in which the impact of events like these can be improved are:

  1. We should have conducted online courses on the free software tools before the competition.
  2. The language of the target community should be accommodated in a better way. Unfortunately differences within the organizing committee led to fairly placid approach. The earlier version of the background text could potentially help people with repressed sexualities (that arguably constitute a overwhelming majority) as well.
  3. For events like these it is important to work on addressing closeted people and groups in hostile environment. As it is the disparate real communities or persons in the abstract LGBT community are extremely alienated from Indian society and even if people want to participate, they may not be bold enough to do so.

All things considered, this stands as a good community effort!