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Release Party F26 Santiago



Santiago Open Talks 2017 is an idea to activate the Fedora Chile Community in Santiago, to engage new users and with the idea to bring more contributors. The idea came from the FLISoL 2016 when Larry, Roy, Rino and Eduard get together to know what was going on with Fedora in Santiago. We notice that we were working in individual projects, and the 4 of us show that we want to do more things to the community.

Fedora Representatives and owners

Event Schedule

Time Talk Speaker
14:00 Welcome words.
14:15 Virtual Machines with virt-manager. Eduard Lucena.
15:00 Custom Images: Fedora Spin/Remix. Roy Alvear.
15:45 Break.
16:00 Gluster Antonio Salles.
16:45 Fedora Packager. Rino Rondan.
17:30 Q&A: Fedora community. @Chile Ambassadors.


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Event Budget

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