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FLISoL 2015, México, México City, FLISoLCCD

logo 11° FLISOL

11th FLISOL the April 25, 2015

The FLISoL broadcast event is the largest in Latin America Free Software and is aimed at all audiences: students, academics, businessmen, workers, government officials, fans and even people who do not have much computer knowledge ..

The FLISoL performed since 2005 and since 2008 its performance Saturday 4th April each year was adopted. Admission is free and its main objective is to promote the use of free software, informing the general public about philosophy, scope, progress and development.

The event is organized by the various local communities of Free Software and develops simultaneously with events in which it is installed, free of charge and completely legal, free software in computers that carry the audience. Artistic, academic, business and social: Also, in parallel, lectures, presentations and workshops on local, national and Latin American themed around Free Software in all its range of expressions is.

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  • Date: Sunday, April 26, 2015
  • Address: Paseo de la Reforma s/n Esquina Liege, Colonia Juárez , CP 06600 , Mexico DF
  • Location: Centro de Cultura Digital
  • Reference: Under the Estela de Luz, Nearby stations chapultepec metro in the line 1 color pink

Event Description

Event Description
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Event Owners

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Event Schedule

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Workshop (Sala 1)
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Workshop (Sala 2)
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  • Give Fedora 21 DVD's with 64/32 bits "Spins"
  • Give Fedora logo labels for dissemination of Use
  • Leaf with basic commands Fedora
  • Provide paper and workshop using Fedora 21
  • Installfest Fedora 21
  • Invite Attendees of the event to register with the FAS
  • Banner sight Fedora Project

Important Deadlines

Important Deadlines
Date assignment
20/04/2015 Burning DVD's with Fedora 21 32/64 bits
20/04/2015 Having physically labels the Fedora logo
20/04/2015 Leaves with basic commands printed Fedora
20/04/2015 Printed banner with the horizontal logo Fedora
20/04/2015 Embroidered shirt with the logo of Fedora
24/04/2015 Material for participation in the event "presentation / workshop"
26/04/2015 Installfest Fedora 21
26/04/2015 User registration in FAS

Event Budget

Travel Subsidy Requests

Event Report

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