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Virtualization and Cloud Operations workshop for IT Officers in Sri Lanka Navy

Sri Lanka Navy will host a workshop for IT Officers on Virtualization and Cloud Operations.

Location and Time

  • Date/Time: 20th December 2013 from 09.00 to 17.00
  • Location: Sri Lanka Navy Head Quarters, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Navy


10-15 IT Offices in Sri Lanka Navy

Resource Person

Danishka Navin


  • Private event
  • Hands on training
  • Full day


  • Introduction to virtualization
  • Virtualization using KVM (lab)
  • Live migration (lab)
  • How to deploy your Fedora 20 on Amazon cloud (lab)
  • Secure your server (lab)


Report will be added after the event


Report will be added after the event (if organizers allow)