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FE packages no longer available in the FE development repository

This page lists FE packages that appear in the owners.list file but are no longer present in the development repo.

Please feel free to edit this page to add package names in the proper list. Please keep the list sorted, package name starts at the leftmost position, and add a space afterwards if you wish to put a comment for the entry.

Packages included into a Fedora Core package

These FE packages became integrated into a FC package, and the package name disappeared. There is no point listing packages that simply migrated to FC, as those can be automatically spotted.

gnome-cpufreq-applet - included into gnome-applets
tetex-beamer - included into tetex
tetex-pgf - included into tetex
tetex-xcolor - included into tetex
superkaramba - included into kdeutils

These FE packages have been retired for one reason or another.

GiNaC - renamed to ginac
Gtk-Perl - Depends on ancient gnome libs, old gnome libs being dropped in FC-6
R-gnomeGUI - No upstream, depends on ancient gnome libs, old gnome libs being dropped in FC-6
alsa-firmware - pending legal review
aqhbci-qt-tools - obsoleted by the FC aqbanking package
buildsystem - buildsys infrastructure stuff
cdiff - superseded by colordiff
elmo - upstream dead
fftw3 - renamed to fftw and fftw2 added
general - buildsys infrastructure stuff
gnome-telnet - No upstream
juk - obsoleted by kdemultimedia-extras
k3b-ape - has licensing issues
libgcrypt1 - retired
libgsf113 - was a temporary thing
newpg - retired
rpmproc - upstream project dead
sodipodi - No upstream response, no activity
wxPythonGTK2 - put *back* to just wxPython
zoo - No upstream, few users