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Fedora Extras Review Days

Whats a Review Day?

A Review day is a day where interested parties gather on irc and review a number of Fedora Extras packages that are awaiting review.

Why have a Review Day?

  • Interested parties know to meet other reviewers on a central irc channel.
  • People seeking reviews for packages can join and drum up interest in their package to get it reviewed.
  • People seeking reviews can review someone elses package in return for a review of their package.
  • People seeking sponsors can review packages and show sponsors on channel that they understand the guidelines.
  • Questions about reviews or procedures can be answered quickly on channel.

Where are Review Days?

Review Days are done via IRC on the IRC network, in channel #fedora-extras.

When are Review Days held?

The first Review Day is scheduled for 2006-02-15, starting at 9am in your local timezone and running all day. The second Review Day is scheduled for 2006-03-05, starting at 9am in your local timezone and running all day.

How does it work?

Simply join the irc channel. You can then ask for others to review your packages, ask for a review exchange (you review someone elses package and they review yours), Point out to potential sponsors comments you have added to reviews (paste links to the bugzilla review bug in question), or ask your questions about reviews to the folks in the channel.

Note that many people check IRC only every once in a while. Don't be discouraged if you don't see an immediate reply. Ask your question and leave your IRC window open to collect replies as people have time to do so. Also, it's better to ask your questions and wait than to ask if anyone is there or if you can ask questions.

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