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Fedora Extras Steering Committee 26 May 2005


  • Greg DeKoenigsberg
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Dave Lawrence
  • Elliot Lee
  • Michael Schwendt
  • Enrico Scholtz
  • Ville Skytta


  • Colin Charles
  • Seth Vidal

Action Items:

  • New package process. Progress being made, status report to be sent to the list soon.
  • Fedora Infrastructure components have been created in bugzilla.
  • Sponsorship document. Greg hasn't had time, but to hold us for now, we have a two sentence version. "Sponsors educate and new sponsors are proposed to the steering committee. Barring vetoes, we'll approve them"
  • PPC build box. We have approval to order a box, Jeremy to continue that path.
  • Buildsys. Movement continues on improvements for post-FC4
  • Package sync across architectures. Jeremy has kicked off a lot of builds and is continuing to move towards this getting better. Bugs are blocking FE4Target.
  • Fedora Traffic. Colin sent a draft, mostly a question of where to put it. Looks good.
  • Brings up need for more committees for Fedora stuff, eg, marketing. Greg is working on that.
  • Discussion of Legacy and CVS access. Probably going to do /cvs/legacy
  • FE4. We need to do a CVS branch and a directory structure branch for FC4 to have extras available at launch. General consensus on this. Jeremy to try to get details straight.
  • Michael brought up concerns about orphaned packages. Jeremy suggested dropping them from the FE4 repository, no real consensus.
  • Meeting next week cancelled due to people being at Red Hat Summit