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Fedora Extras Steering Committee 14 July 2005


  • Tom Callaway
  • Greg DeKoenigsberg
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Jesse Keating
  • Elliot Lee
  • Enrico Scholtz
  • Michael Schwendt
  • Ville Skytta
  • Seth Vidal


  • Creation of "default" branches on initial import. Jeremy has an idea, he'll write up the basics and try to see if he can get someone else interested before he gets a chance himself.
  • Priority for dkl to do Extras stuff -- gdk sent mail, no response yet.
  • New package process. No status, Greg wanting to do simple bugzilla hack until better comes along instead of continuing to wait; he'll propose for discussion next week
  • Sponsor nominations. Ralf Corspeius proposed; Ville will see if he's interested and let us know
  • Build system status update.
  • Seth's mail from this morning is a good status (
  • Nearly ready to unleash the world again
  • Things queued via old method (common/tobuild) will be pushed through by Seth and failures will be bounced to the appropriate person
  • update
  • Things got a little bogged down/confused but should be okay soon
  • Going to look at trying to get machines in PHX running plague builder with the plague server still at duke where more people can push the extras packages. Sopwith to see if that can be a go.