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2008 June 05 FESCo Meeting



* Brian Pepple 	(bpepple)
* Jason Tibbitts	(tibbs)
* Bill Nottingham	(notting)
* Kevin Fenzi 		(nirik)
* Jeremy Katz		(jeremy)
* Christopher Aillon   (caillon)
* Dennis Gilmore	(dgilmore)
* Warren Togami	(warren)
* David Woodhouse      (dwmw2)
* Jesse Keating	(f13)
* Tom Callaway		(spot)
* Christian Iseli	(c4chris)


* Josh Boyer		(jwb)


Fails To Build From Source (FTBFS) Proposal

New Maintainer Containment Membership

* FESCo approved f13's proposal on how to prime the new 'supergroup'.  The initial members will be current package sponsors, and then these sponsors can would be able to sponsor anybody they choose (not just the people they've sponsored) into the supergroup.  For more details, please refer to the IRC log.

IRC log can be found at: