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Fix-it list

  1. Fix the ambassadors <--> marketing communication link, and include a scheduled item. Possibly leverage FAMSCo for this.
  2. Docs <--> Marketing ownership of tasks and communication needs strengthening and more definitive bits
  3. Marketing <--> Design communication needs improvement
  4. Docs, Engineering, Design, Ambassadors regular linking
    • (items 2, 3, and 4 above are basically the same)
  5. Get tools up such as Fedora Insight and survey software -- helping nontechnical people interface with Marketing
  6. Fedora contributors don't know what marketing is in the context of FOSS & TOSW
  7. Marketing != Advertising
  8. Clean up the wiki. Have better info for newcomers, starting with our own Marketing page.
  9. Take the ideas in this list (and elsewhere) and prioritize them. Turn ideas into deliverables, make action ites and get them on the schedule when the schedule revision process happens for each next release.
  10. "Where do these deliverables come from?" No one knows who made it or how -- leverage it as a way toget involvement


  1. Twice per release marketing and ambassadors sync
  2. _relevant_ interviews, content and getting it to the audience.
  3. Make use of new Fedora Engineering Services Queue
  4. Purpose of different announcements/notes
  5. Link tracking and other tools
    1. help figure out what to eliminate & what to amplify
    2. We should run a list of wiki 404's regularly!
  6. FAQ @ Ambassadors-staffed booth
  7. Video/slides/marketing deliverables archive
  8. Establish press.fp.o

SOPs to be written

  1. Are the deliverables relevant. Checked on?
  2. Ideas for next cycle need to be turned into an actual plan
  3. postmortem of release