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  • Posted by Bruno: What is your take on the granting exceptions to Fedora packaging rules for Mozilla products in order to use their trademarks? For context, see the recent Thunderbird discussion on the devel list.
  • Posted by Bruno: What is your take on guidelines for packagers with respect to adding new features into supported releases? I expect there will be exceptions, but there should be some guidance for what is generally expected.
  • Posted by Paul: What are three things you intend to work on and complete during your time on {the Board,FESCo} -- in other words, personal goals for your term?
  • Posted by Paul: (FESCo nominees) Name a new technical capability that you feel the Fedora distribution does not include now, but should have by the release of Fedora 15.
  • Posted by Paul: (Board nominees) Other than the general idea of better communication, name a specific improvement you think would help one or more Fedora teams work more efficiently, either individually or together.
  • Posted by Michael: How are you going to represent the Fedora community (the voters) on {the Board,FESCo}: They vote once, you decide for the period of your appointment - or you ask for input and base your decisions on that?
  • Posted by Michael: What is your hidden agenda behind running for {the Board,FESCo}? (Asked with a wink, may be answered with one ;) )
  • Posted by David: (for both FESCo and Board) There appears to be a disturbing increase in the amount of flames/annoyance/anger/frustration within the the Fedora project of late. To what do you attribute this, and how do you plan on addressing?